Diem’s basic technical requirements:

Diem’s basic technical requirements are determined by whether Diem performs as a solo artist, or duo with bassist or guitarist; trio with bassist and guitarist; and/or quartet with bassist, guitarist/violin and percussion/drum kit. The Old New World Revolutionary Rocking Ballroom Dance Band is a 6 – 7 piece band that will grow if other players/singers are there to join her in a spontaneous act of big band growth and expansion.

● Solo: vocal mic (Neumann KM 105 or equivalent (hopefully); or AKG D5 Professional Dynamic Stage Vocal or Shure Beta 58A Dynamic Super Cardioid Mic). 1 DI. Monitor. All mics should be on boom stands.

● Duo: as above, plus DI and bass amp for bass, and an extra vocal mic. Monitor (1 mix fine).

● Trio: as above, plus extra vocal mic and drum kit suitably mic’ed. Additional monitor for the drummer.

● Larger ensembles: Diem can add, percussion, violins, keys (Hammond B3 with Leslie), keyboards, additional vocalists, etc. depending on the situation.

Additional instrument and vocal mics, and monitors may be required for these musicians.

Depending on travelling arrangements, Diem may be able to bring some of the above equipment with her.

Diem’s basic hospitality requests:

Diem’s hospitality requests include a filtered tap water – no bottled water please,

– if solo. If she is accompanied: an assortment of fruit juices, and a hot herbal tea/coffee service. On some occasions, one lactose free, gluten free, pork free or vegetarian meal may be requested for Diem, and additional meals for accompanying musicians.