Mr. Businessman’s Blues

Song Notes

Prophets not profits! There’s lots of charity but not BIG PICTURES, JOSEPH AMEDEE, SPEAKING TRUTH – When I started my healing journey my guide told me: “Someone really loved you for you”. I remember watching the dogs attack people in the south in 1959 on Joseph Amedee’s lap in front of the little round faced black and white television and asking him why people were so mean to each other. He said: “It’s the system. It makes us all sick”.

Mr. Businessman’s Blues

Tell me Mr. Businessman, how does your money grow?
How much sweat is on your brow? How weary are your bones?
How much toil to dig this Earth, to slash, enslave, control?
When you’ve used up our great resource do you plan to work your gold?

Tell Mr. Businessman, is business going well?
Can you put your best foot forward as you walk your Earthbound hell?
Dreams are caught and muscles knot and wishes don’t come true.
You get rich upon my back and say it’s what I choose.

Tell me Mr. Businessman; tell me what’s so rough.
What is it that you’re giving up that seems so mean so much?
How many dollars can you spare? How many acres will divide?
How many will be sacrificed before you’re satisfied?

Tell me Mr. Businessman; tell me what’s so hard.
Do you have to pay an army to guard the defence around your yard?
Or are you innocent by scale, you’ve only gardeners for your lawns?
Can you make it right ‘cause it’s the lesser of the wrongs?