Letter From San Francisco

Song Notes

ACCEPTANCE – It took me a long time to finish this song. The “fall” was hard and I survived it. Now the sadness is just part of who I am. I am reborn in this knowing; faith is more than a “party dress” – it’s a wardrobe for my spirit as I cross my River Jordon.

Letter From San Francisco

Half read sonnets and moss upon the columns
The CD’s programmed old and blue love songs
A line so fine is redefined
What is yours is yours and what is mine is mine
I lay frozen in this room of shifting shadows
Uncertain past the point of no return
My mind? A spider’s web fevered churning
Alone here in this night I must let go.

And it’s so clear and concise and out of phase
Like the photographs of us together in the lion’s cage
Between the ash and the bone drink long and hard
Into the bottom of the well into the flood.

Up to the sun we flew passions laced to fury
Dispensing with the lessons we had been learning
The borrowed wings of Icarus have let me hanging
I guess I got too close and I got burned
I didn’t need to need to run away
I felt shame and cursed myself, “Oh, not again!”
I looked for wrong that was wrong and now that hounds me
Into this steamy night where choice has found me.

A harvest moon lights an asphalt river
Soon we’ll be up to here in winter
Love will come again like the seasons
But memories need heartaches to grow cold.
Gently there are no accidental warriors
There are incidents and words that haunt and form us
Bruised we are and sad that it’s been spoken
Peace be with us as we cross our rivers Jordan