If They Take Us In The Morning

Song Notes

WHATSOEVER YOU DO TO THE LEAST OF MY BROTHERS/SISTERS THAT YOU DO UNTO ME – when they came for me there was nobody left. Courage is one of the Seven Grandfathers;
Seven Fruits of the Spirit; Seven Blessings; and, Seven Virtues. What would Jesus do if they came for you?

If They Take Us In The Morning

Henry didn’t make the list and neither did his “Rose”
And Gabby didn’t know that she shouldn’t wear boys’ clothes
And Caruso played the violin with his family’s travelling band
And Gina, blessed Gina, like and angel sang.

And if they take us in the morning they may come for you tonight
If you know and you do nothing you as good as take our lives
Oh, I will not lie nor compromise, my love to you my soul
And if they take us in the morning it’s not quietly I’ll go.

In candles’ light his dance of death in his sweet brother’s arms
Side by side they dance the dance of love that knows no harm
No more, no more these dying waves these quintessential costs
No more these chains on lives and dreams let no more love be lost.

Last night I held you close to me, today I went downtown
And I rode the escalator and got off at the top
I saw the eyes that Schindler saw, my childhood corner store
I dropped a quarter wept and said: “We’ll make it through the war”.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray, I pray my soul to keep
And if they come before the morning, I’ll be here in your arms.