Beauty And Hard Times – Lyrics and Song Notes

“Folk in the vein of Woodie Guthrie with a rocking edge”.

Through the telling of stories with music, Mama D sings of some of the deep challenges and moments of truth that we have all experienced in our life journeys. This involves the hard work of healing and reconciling with our own histories and the histories of our ancestors. It is the decolonization of our own hearts from the grief of our pasts that gives us the foundation to empathise with ourselves and be grateful for our gifts. From there we appreciate the gifts of others and build truly strong relations, free of envy and its companions – jealousy and competition. From this foundation of history and memory, we can create justice movements beyond our wounded imaginations. And it is music that can transcend our fears and open us up to the power of our own spirits.

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  1. And On The Evidence
  2. Ghostdance
  3. Minuet For The Staircase Children
  4. Safe & Sound
  5. Shaking The Foundation
  6. Mr. Businessman’s Blues
  7. A Little Bird Told Me So
  8. Fear & Hunger
  9. Letter From San Francisco
  10. Where Are All The Children?
  11. Scary Intro (No Lyrics)
  12. If They Take Us In The Morning
  13. In From The Cold
  14. Peggy’s Waltz

Diem also lends her wonderful stylings to some beautiful “cover” tunes including songs by some of the great story tellers: Townes Van Zandt, Jesse Winchester, Eric Bogle, Gordon Lightfoot, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Joan Baez [from her repertorie],   and many many more.