September 21st – Benefit for Artists Legal Assistance Services (ALAS), 7 p.m. Hugh’s Room, Toronto
Co-host and featured artist

September 24th – Queen’s Park – Annual Ontario People With Disabilities Pride March – opening prayer, keynote speaker, performer Time: TBA

January 2017 – “My Grandfather’s Skin: My Grandmothers’ Blood” – one women show at Beit Zatoun’s big finally 3 week closing ceremonies and celebration. 612 Markham Street Toronto. Tim of opening: TBC

August 7 – story-boarding begins for film with Diem on the women of the training schools of Ontario. Details TBA

August 8 – 18th –
TTC Customer Service @TTChelps August 5
Meet self-described “quintessentially Canadian” singer/songwriter @SisterMamaD #TTCmusic Featured TTC Musician – film

SKYLIGHT FESTIVAL, July 29-31, 2016, Paris, Ontario
Keynote address Friday 29th; Mainstage evening concert Saturday and Sunday evenings. Afternoon concert Saturday afternoon.

June 18 – Aboriginal Day in Orangeville,

Monday, May 30 – Sarouran Farmers’ Market, 50 Wabash Avenue, Toronto. 5 – 6:30